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Goodbye summer

October 27, 2013

These past weeks, we were fortunate to have rather nice weather with mild temperatures over here. However, it looks like that autumn is getting into high gear now as temperatures are dropping and sunny days give way to dark clouds that bring lots of rain.

To remember those hot summer days, what better than some photos of Dollfie Dream Yoko clad in a white halter top, seemingly enjoying the warm rays of the setting sun? The halter top’s design is a perfect match for the shapely curves of Volks’ DDDy body type.

Summertime Yoko

Had previously already showcased Atsuko wearing a yellow version of this halter top acquired from Cool Cat, a nice and versatile garment that fits Dollfie Dream with bust sizes from M, L to DDDy.

Summertime Yoko

Hope that overall weather conditions will improve these coming weeks as I would like some sunny days with good natural lighting to spend time photographing my Dollfie Dream, especially considering the latest projects are now finally complete.

Summertime Yoko

The jeans Yoko wears here are SD sized slim line jean pants from Dollmore which as is just visible above do not fully close on a DDDy waist.

You can see more photos of Yoko and other Dollfie Dream on my Flickr photostream.

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