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Upgrade to Haswell

November 2, 2013

Despite performing regular maintenance as well as having installed an SSD along the way, my main computer felt increasingly sluggish, especially when using Adobe Lightroom. Perhaps this is not unexpected for a six year old system from Intel’s Conroe generation.

When some time ago two of the memory slots on the motherboard failed, taking the installed memory modules with them, knew it was time to invest in new computer hardware. Luckily Intel had recently launched its new Haswell processor architecture generation.


Opted for the mainstream Intel Core i5 E4440, 8GB kit of Corsair DDR3 memory, MSI H87-G43 motherboard, Intel 530 series SSD and a Scythe Mugen 4. Built everything into my Antec P182 tower, keeping the Corsair power supply and data hard drives in service.

Purposely opted for the MSI motherboard as its features versus price tag was compelling. Invested in the latest Scythe processor cooler since I value their low noise operation and good performance, always been satisfied with the original Scythe Infinity/Mugen.

Hardware assembly was straightforward and went much smoother than some actions needed to perform after installation of Windows 8.1 to get everything to work properly, especially audio on HDMI.

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