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Tsukiko’s playtime

November 5, 2013


Acquired several Dollfie Dream items from Cool Cat quite some time ago, including a long tie halter top in black. Intended to use it as a mix ‘n’ match item to combine with other gear into a whole outfit, but it was too tempting, just had to snap some photos of Tsukiko dressed in only that top.


Opted to pose Tsukiko such in the hopes to convey a relaxed, yet also sensual atmosphere. ちょっとエッチかも?

The pillows provided an excellent background piece, their purple hue a perfect color to accompany Tsukiko’s white body type and black clothing. The setting sun cast a perfect light on the scene, the window blinds creating pronounced shadows.


Felt confident to order black clothing from Cool Cat as have rather good experience with their items made by Dandelion, they seem to use fabrics that do not easily stain. Of course, only clad Tsukiko in it after having tested the cloth first to check that it really would not stain.


You can see more captures from this photo set of Dollfie Dream Tsukiko on Flickr.

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