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Introducing Akiko

November 14, 2013

A new Dollfie Dream addition?! Cannot deny that ever since attending a DD meeting with the Shadonia crew last May, was totally smitten with Yui, their Dollfie Dream based on a Volks Sakura Shinguji head.

While it never totally left my thoughts, was occupied with other Dollfie Dream plans. However, was alerted to a reasonably priced Sakura Shinguji head on auction and an impulse purchase quickly followed.


So it’s time to officially present Akiko, my custom Sakura Shinguji head. Chose the name 明子 (or Akiko) with the kanji 明, meaning bright child.

While Akiko does have default face-up of Sakura Shinguji from Volks, installed Type BP color Sumire eyes by Hisyo-Hisyo and a Leekeworld W068 wig in color chocobrown.
Also added eyelashes and painted the lips with Tamiya X-22 clear for a nice gloss finish.

にゃああ~    かな?

にゃあ にゃああ~

Did style the Leekeworld W068 wig by trimming the bangs as they were far too long and completely covered the face. The wig is looking much better on Akiko like this, though looks like might still need to trim away a bit more next to the eyes.


For these photos, clad Akiko in the School Blazer Uniform Set (gray) from Volks, but omitted the tie and replaced the set default blazer by a lovely gray cardigan from Nine9Style.


But the Dollfie Dream madness did not end with Akiko, will share more about that soon.

You can see more photos of Akiko and my other Dollfie Dream on Flickr.

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