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Introducing Ayuko

December 17, 2013

Even though have recently introduced Dollfie Dream Akiko, today am presenting another new addition to my collection, Dollfie Dream Ayuko.

Based on a Volks Neris head with a custom face-up, chose the name 歩子 (or Ayuko), inspired by Uehara Ayuko, a character from the lovely slice-of-life comedy “Aiura”.


Although had originally planned on creating a custom Dollfie Dream that would mimic Uehara Ayuko in overall appearance, ultimately decided against it.

Considering I am quite satisfied with this alternate look, also opted to imbue her with a different personality than Uehara Ayuko too, and imagine her having a more serious, student council president type personality.


Installed Type BP model eyes by Hisyo-Hisyo in color Smoke Grey and a Leekeworld LR099 model wig in color royal gray.

The first wig in Leekeworld’s royal gray color that I purchased, was surprised that its hue can look different depending on the light. The LR099 model seems easy to work with, it required only moderate styling and a quick trim of the bangs.


In these photos, Ayuko is clad in the Sailor Tulle Skirt Set from Volks, a very cute and girly outfit.

While it does suit her wig color quite well, will likely change that outfit as this fashion style does not entirely fit the student council president character archetype had envisioned for her.


You can see more Dollfie Dream photos on my Flickr photostream.


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