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黒着の少女 ~ The lady in black

December 28, 2013

Skin white as the moon, clothes dark as the night, Tsukiko has quite the aura as a lady clad in black.

With the setting sun shining its last bright rays through the window blinds one afternoon in late November, knew had to take advantage of the terrific natural light to snap some photos of Tsukiko.

The lady in black

Since acquiring DD Saber Alter 2nd version, have been quite fond of the high contrast look of Volks white skin body type offset in black garments, the original Saber Alter eyes and blond wig enhancing that effect.

As such, am most often choosing dark outfits for Tsukiko, even though one must take care to protect the vinyl from staining or pick fabrics that do not transfer color. Luckily, this sleeveless top from Cool Cat and jeans from Nine9Style do not seem to stain at all.

The lady in black

Previously showcased photos of Tsukiko wearing this same outfit while posing in the Shibata Chair No.5 from Volks.
That she has remained on display in this specific outfit for so many months, while the other Dollfie Dream in my collection more frequently undergo an outfit change, is a testimony of how much I do like this look for her, it suits her so well.

The lady in black

After successfully applying Tamiya X-22 clear paint on two of my default Dollfie Dream to give their lips that nice gloss effect, considered doing the same on Tsukiko but decided against it for now.
Fear that the uncolored white lips of Saber Alter would not look that good in gloss without any hint of gentle pink hues.

The lady in black

Though am still tempted to further look into enhancing Tsukiko’s facial features with glossy pink lips, eyelashes and perhaps even another style of yellow eyes. Sometime in the far future perhaps.

You can see more of my Dollfie Dream photography on Flickr.

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