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Kantoku C85 doujin ‘Tachiyomi Senyou 34’

January 29, 2014

This past winter Comiket edition, popular artist Kantoku from the circle “Afterschool of the 5th Year” released a new volume of ‘Tachiyoumi Senyou’.

Compared to the ‘Check’ doujin series which focus more on Kantoku’s own mascot characters like Kurumi & Shizuku, the ‘Tachiyoumi Senyou’ books usually feature illustrations of characters from various other franchises.


Lovely illustration of Petralka and Myucel from “Outbreak Company”, really like how Kantoku drew them wearing the typical check pattern adorned attire his mascots Shizuku and Kurumi are often featured in.

Volume 34 also includes illustrations of characters from “Kyoukai no Kanata”, “Yozakura Quartet”, “Uchouten Kazoku”, “The iDOLM@STER”, “Kyousougiga” and “Hataraku Maou-sama!”. There’s even art of Kancolle’s Shimakaze.


Where the previous volume of ‘Tachiyoumi Senyou’ surprisingly contained more daring illustrations, volume 34 is back to the usual art for this series where the emphasis is mostly on cute instead of ecchi.
Even below image of irresistibly cute Chiho from “Hataraku Maou-sama!” in bikini is not really that ecchi.


A few pages less than other volumes, the doujin holds 16 pages of which nearly all are full color illustrations, only the last few pages contain a collection of black & white line art images.


If you are interested in Kantoku’s ‘Tachiyoumi Senyou 35′ book, you can purchase it at Toranoana.

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