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Tony Taka C85 “Tonikore” doujin

February 4, 2014
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At C85 artist Tony Taka from T2 Art Works released the ‘とにこれ艦隊これくしょん -艦これ-’, along with several other goods like a dakimakura, poster sheet, calendar and more.

Compared to the thicker ‘Collect1’ and ‘Recollect’ illustration collection books, ‘Tonikore’ is a more typical Comiket release for Tony Taka and is split in two parts, the first part features full page illustrations and the second part closes off with a brief black & white hentai story.


Although this a Kantai Collection inspired doujin contains quite a few new Kancolle illustrations, some pages do feel like filler, making the over 30 page count of the book not seem as significant.

While Tony Taka’s Kancolle based art is excellent, personally feel it does lack the flair and sensuality that his illustrations from other franchises and original works usually have.


Along with the miko illustration showcased later, the above image is easily my personal favorite and one of the more refined illustrations in this ‘Tonikore’ doujin. It really is a shame part of the art is lost due to it being a two page spread.


The doujin also includes several pages showcasing previously published illustrations in various unfinished phases such as the line art or early coloring stages. Only the page featuring the ‘Peace keeper Daisy’ image contains notes, would have been nice if more of those pages included annotations or insights from the artist.


Am tempted to seek out the dakimakura version of this lovely miko art by Tony Taka, it really is gorgeous. After all, who can resist a cute shrine maiden?

Fans of Tony Taka’s art can purchase the C85 ‘Tonikore’ book at Toranoana, while stocks last.

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