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Go! Go! 575

February 11, 2014

Based on Sega’s プロジェクト575 multimedia project which revolves around songs based on the Japanese 5-7-5 poem system and has already spawned the PlayStation Vita game “うた詠み575”, the “Go! Go! 575” anime is a lovely slice-of-life series.

Although had originally thought this show would be an idol genre series like “Wake Up, Girls!” or “Love Live!”, it is actually more of a slice-of-life anime with some idol genre elements, its atmosphere is much closer to that of “Tamayura” or “Yama no Susume”.


The slice-of-life elements are dominant, each episode is filled with cute moments of Azuki, Maccha and Yuzu going about their daily lives while indulging in some innocent fun with song and dance. Some bits of light comedy and a hint of yuri bring a refreshing zest throughout.

Perhaps the fact this series only spans four episodes of three minutes each, is part of what makes it an excellent show. No time is wasted, every scene is meaningful to showcase the three girls having fun in a leisurely atmosphere, and it perfectly captures that unique slice-of-life feeling.

Animation by studios C2C and Lay-duce is excellent, every detail is well cared for with lush backgrounds and lots of detail into animating the three girls, including fluid motions in the few dancing scenes.

With such terrific episodes and strong animation, makes me not merely wish for a sequel but for a new series that will span an entire season and bring us more of Azuki, Maccha and Yuzu’s shenanigans as they go about their daily lives filled with fun.


A drawback of the limited amount of episodes and their short timespan is that the three main characters aren’t really fleshed out much so they do alas remain rather typical copies of generic character templates.

Azuki is your run-of-the-mill energetic, lively girl while Maccha’s serious demeanor and stern expression make her Azuki’s polar opposite. Both girls having rather close friendship with some suggestive skinship makes Yuzu a perfect addition to the cast, her being the typical all-round good girl with a surprising (yuri) fetish.

Lively Azuki is voiced by Outsubo Yuka, who previously voiced Wakaba in “Vividred Operation”, Kurei in “Haiyore! Nyaruko-san”, Kyouko in “Yuru Yuri” and this season also voices Shiho in “Wake Up, Girls!” and Akari in “No-Rin”.

Ohashi Ayaka voices serious Maccha, she previously voiced Uzume in “Fantasista doll”, Ringo in “Mangirl!”, Ran in “Aikatsu!” and Fleur Blanc in “Eureka Seven AO”.


Yuzu is voiced by Kotobuki Minako, she tackled roles like Tsumugi in “K-ON!”, Natsumi in “Natsuiro Kiseki”, Yuuko in “A Channel”, Mitsuko in “To aru Kagaku no Railgun”, Chihiro in “Tamayura” and Sen in “Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls”.

I highly recommend this lovely anime to everyone, even those who are not fans of slice-of-life genre series.
And really, why not give this show a try? It’ll only take 15 minutes of your time.

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