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Buddy Complex

February 18, 2014

This season, studio Sunrise brings us “Buddy Complex”, another series based on all the typical elements from the mecha genre which this studio is well versed in, having created and worked on many well known mecha series like “Gundam Seed”.

For my weekly dose of action anime, decided to give this show a try but alas its first episode did not really appeal to me.
Overall it did not especially let me down, nor was it terribly flawed, but it was such a typical opening episode for a mecha series that it failed to pull me into the story or really care about the lead characters we are introduced to. Even the promise of a rather lively plot regarding the relationship between Aoba and Hina is not enough to reel me in.


Upon sharing my first impressions of “Nobunaga the Fool” earlier, also revealed that am not very impressed with the mecha designs in “Buddy Complex”, they look rather unappealing and dull. Although there have been plenty of mecha oriented series that had rather questionable mecha designs, many make up for that by adding other interesting elements in them, the ‘Knightmare frames’ from “Code Geass” come to mind.

While last season’s “Kakumeiki Valvrave” by studio Sunrise was not without fault either, its overall story and mecha designs were far more enthralling than “Buddy Complex”, hence I personally prefer to look out for another mecha anime to watch instead.

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