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Shizuko in Moekana shirt by

March 11, 2014

Previously shared some photos of Akiko in a Moekana print t-shirt by and promised would soon upload some photos of Shizuko in a matching outfit, so here they are.

When seamstress Kuraikawai from advertised some new Dollfie Dream shirts with cute Moekana characters printed on them, didn’t only acquire the pink kimono design model but also got the tora model.

Shizuko in Moekana shirt by by bluebluewave

Always adored the tora design of Danny Choo’s mascot Mirai used for Moekana and while haven’t been able to acquire the adult sized shirt, couldn’t resist this Dollfie Dream version.
Am glad was able to request yellow sleeves for it since that color perfectly matches the character print and Shizuko’s look.

Shizuko in Moekana shirt by by bluebluewave

The difference in lightning between the above photos and below ones is simply due to the fact they were taken on separate days.

By the time had set up my equipment to photograph Shizuko that first day, the sun hid behind the clouds so the lighting changed from bright sunrays to indirect light. Luckily such lighting is perfect for captures with a soft look.

Shizuko in Moekana shirt by by bluebluewave

These last photos were taken on a cloudless day, took advantage of the wonderful light cast by the setting sun which has a unique quality to it. Although it can be tricky to get the white balance and overall color atmosphere identical for all photos taken around that time of day.

If you are interested in these Moekana shirts for your Dollfie Dream, you can order the various designs at

Shizuko in Moekana shirt by by bluebluewave

Considering comrade Kuraikawai herself encourages the idea of a photo series of Akiko and Shizuko together, will try my hand at such a photoshoot someday soon.

You can see more of my photography on Flickr.

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  1. March 12, 2014 12:45 am

    kya! ❤ lovely Shizukooooo! :))) 3rd picture is just lovely! those eyes are awesome too :333 Looking forward to the photo series hihihiihihi ^__^

  2. March 12, 2014 11:54 am

    Thanks! Glad you like. ^^

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