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Made in Asia 6 loot

March 17, 2014

Since last year’s “Made in Asia” convention was a terrific experience for me, there was no doubt would attend this year’s edition of the event as well. Considering many visitors and anime fans that attended this sixth edition of “Made in Asia” could often be seen with a rather impressive amount of purchases, my loot is more modest.

クリスティーナだ! Missed out on Good Smile Company’s scaled figure of Makise Kurisu in her regular attire, so did not hesitate to acquire the alternate, white lab coat version of the irresistible tsundere from “Steins;Gate”.
While the regular version has some key charm points, do especially like the dynamic, flowing sculpt of Kurisu’s lab coat.


Also purchased a wallscroll with an illustration of Mami Tomoe from “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” created by artist Kamiya Maneki that is featured in the ‘Sweet☆cat’ doujin.
Had never seen any tapestries made from their art before, a quick Twitter message with Kamiya Maneki confirmed it is actually a bootleg product. Am nonetheless happy to have bought it since it is a gorgeous artwork to display.

Couldn’t resist to pick up the badges and key chains of Sana, the adorable mascot from Shadonia. To close off my “Made in Asia” loot, was lucky to win a “Black★Rock Shooter” t-shirt in a janken competition.

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