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Leisurely relaxing Atsuko

March 28, 2014

It has been far too long since uploaded new photos of Atsuko, especially considering since she is my personal favorite among my humble Dollfie Dream collection, even though am quite keen on recent acquisitions Akiko and Ayuko too.

When some Dollfie Dream comrades recently launched a friendly challenge to snap and share photographs of our dolls in a ‘cocooning at home on a leisurely Sunday’ setting, was a perfect opportunity to create new captures of Atsuko.

Leisurely relaxing Atsuko

Needed to clad Atsuko in an outfit that would have the look of comfortable clothes one would wear at home. Made a mix and match of different items, using the top from the Sailor Tulle Skirt Set by Volks, a gray cardigan from Nine9Style and short gray leggings by CoolCat.

To complete the relaxing on a lazy Sunday look, lowered the top’s left shoulder strap as well as the cardigan’s sleeves. Also included a scaled MacBook as a prop in some shots.

Leisurely relaxing Atsuko

Although for the previous Dollfie Dream photography sessions usually opted for the light of the evening sun that created a dynamic effect of bright rays and dark shadows, for this particular theme knew needed soft, indirect light instead.

Leisurely relaxing Atsuko

Background used is a simple kitchen chair with a wicker seat and back, purchased it years ago from Ikea though it seems they don’t carry this model anymore. While it did pose limitations for framing and usable angles, liked the color of the wicker for this particular setting.

Leisurely relaxing Atsuko

You can see more Dollfie Dream photography on Flickr.

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