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Non Non Biyori second season announced

April 6, 2014

What a pleasant surprise to read the news that the official “Non Non Biyori” website announced today that a second season of the anime has been green-lit for production!

Based on the “のんのんびより” manga by Atto, absolutely adored the anime adaptation of this endearing slice-of-life story about four school friends in a small, quiet town in rural Japan and their days filled with innocent fun and heartwarming moments.


Not only was the series itself right up my alley with its leisurely slice-of-life pace, but the voice acting lifted it up even further with terrific work by Asumi Kana as Komari, Murakawa Rie as Hotaru, Sakura Ayane as Natsumi and Koiwai Kotori as Renge. Sincerely hope that all voice talents will reprise their role for the second season.

While it has not been revealed yet when this sequel is slated to air, there will be a “Non Non Biyori” OVA bundled with the seventh volume of the manga due for release in July this year.
Really excited, I can hardly wait for the second season!

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