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Dollfie Dream goods from Nine9Style & Rajikaru

April 14, 2014

Lucky day as two parcels with Dollfie Dream goods were delivered to my doorstep, including one packed with goods from Nine9Style.
Recently been re-evaluating the wardrobe of my various Dollfie Dream and felt some could use a new outfit or different fashion for a refreshed look.

Always been satisfied with the items purchased from Nine9Style and considering the perforated lace dress set previously bought from them looks lovely on Atsuko, took a chance and ordered similar styled dresses along with a pair of jeans and other assorted items.


The other parcel that arrived is from ラジカル. Although had often admired the more realistic physics and poses that Dollfie Dream comrades managed to capture of their dolls equipped with Peach Pai, never actually purchased them.

Not especially because of the silicone’s maintenance requirements, but mostly because the default Peach Pai size was too large for my personal taste. Considering Rajikaru added the M Plus type, a size about equal to the Volks L bust but smaller than the standard Peach Pai, took the plunge and ordered a set.
Can’t wait to try them on my Dollfie Dream!

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