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Black Bullet

May 5, 2014

Based on the light novel series “ブラック・ブレット”by Kanzaki Shiden, spring season’s new action anime “Black Bullet” is a typical science-fiction tale, mankind fights to survive in a post apocalyptic world where most of the population has been wiped out by a virus that transforms them into monsters called Gastrea.

Each of the main characters was in some way scarred by the first Gastrea epidemic, Rentarou not only lost his parents but several limbs, making him nearly half cyborg, Enju is a cursed child, born from a woman infected with the virus, while Kisara also lost her parents.


Do wonder if it was the writers intent on emphasizing that all surviving people were somehow affected by the Gastrea tragedy, or if they opted to simply burden each character with a dark past for plot reasons.

The story moves along quite fast, was surprised when the first plot was wrapped up in the first four episodes and its accompanying nemesis character seemingly defeated to give way to a new plot the following episode. Since they have already moved onto the second novel’s story, wonder how much the anime will actually cover.

To be brutally honest, should label this show as mediocre, especially considering it is simply an amalgam of tried and true elements and as such doesn’t really bring anything new or daring to its story which so far has not proven itself to be exceptionally well crafted either.

While I do appreciate all the hard work being put into the series by its creators and have enjoyed watching it so far, do feel that I must be honest enough to myself and all of you by admitting this is yet another sufficiently entertaining anime that is not especially good.


“Black Bullet” is decent enough and its production values have enough quality, but at the end of the day it is one of the many series like we see dozens each year. It is entertaining enough to watch but will likely be quickly forgotten as its individual parts of story, characters, animation and the whole anime they form when put together are alas nothing exceptional.

Perhaps am being overly critical or too demanding, but noticed that this season many of the series am watching, especially the action shows, are simply more of the usual that do not leave a lasting impression.

Twin-tailed Enju is voiced by Hidaka Rina who also voiced Last Order in “To aru Majutsu no Index”, Ririchiyo in “Inu x Boku SS”, Hozuki in “Galileo Donna”, Silica in “Sword Art Online” and Anko in “Tamako Market”.

Horie Yui voices katana wielding Kisara, she’s voiced characters like Kouko in “Golden Time”, Millhiore in “Dog Days”, Hanekawa in “Bakemonogatari”, Minori in “Toradora!” and Raika in “Papa no Iu Koto wo Kikinasai”.


Seitenshi is voiced by Toyosaki Aki who tackled roles like Yui in “K-ON!”, Uiharu in “To aru Kagaku no Railgun”, Megumi in “Servant x Service”, Nako in “Hanasaku Iroha” and Chitose in “Yuru Yuri”. This season she also voices Izana in “Knights of Sidonia”.

Koshimizu Ami voices Miori, she also voiced Horo in “Spice & Wolf”, Kallen in “Code Geass”, Ryuuko in “KILL la KILL”, Mugino in “To aru Kagaku no Railgun S”, Nodoka in “Saki” and this season also voices Linca in “Atelier Escha & Logy ~Tasogare no Sora no Renkinjutsushi~”.

If you are looking for a science-fiction action anime with all the typical elements, then “Black Bullet” might entertain you although you should not expect too much from this series.

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