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Ayuko & Kyouko, springtime date

May 30, 2014

Recently acquired some new gear from Nine9Style as well as a Peach Pai M Plus silicone bust from Rajikaru, so it’s time to showcase some images of my Dollfie Dream featuring these latest purchases.

Snapped some photos of Ayuko and Kyouko together, as well as photos of each individually. Tried to capture an atmosphere as if the girls were going out on a lovely springtime day.


Lighting for all photos is indirect sunlight coming through a skylight and front window, also used a a small circular golden reflector for extra highlights in some shots.
The background used is a simple green carpet from Ikea, though personally feel it looks best when out of focus like in below photo.


It’s Ayuko who benefits the most from the new goodies, sporting not only a new outfit but also the Peach Pai M Plus bust.

Considering Rajikaru’s current creations ideally only fit the DDII and DDDy bodies, it made sense to install it on Ayuko’s DDII body.


So far am impressed with the Peach Pai. Not only for its better aesthetic in many outfits compared to the hard vinyl bust pieces, but the increased mobility of the neck is a big plus too.

Quite glad I opted for the M Plus model, its size is just in between the M and L from Volks, making it sizable but not overly so. Since the entire piece is soft silicone, it easily fits into Dollfie Dream clothing suitable for M bust or smaller.

ね~ 私のこと好きですか? 知りたいの。

Got the red halterneck one-piece from Nine9Style, opted for the set because it also includes a knit cardigan and lace straw bag, adding two versatile items.

Must admit I did hesitate before deciding on the red version instead of the other blue color set, wouldn’t want such a dress to be an overly bright red. Luckily this hue is more subdued and so far does not seem to stain the vinyl or silicone.


Wanted Kyouko’s look to contrast Ayuko’s feminine and cute appearance so opted for an outfit that would look more tomboyish.
Combined pants and shoes from Dollmore, a sleeveless shirt and beanie from Nine9Style, and a BRS style zipper hoodie from


Even though Kyouko may look like the more tomboyish and adventurous of the two, it seems that Ayuko is the one on top!
Of course couldn’t resist to include some yuri shenanigans.

You can see more of my Dollfie Dream photography on Flickr.

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