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White flower

June 6, 2014

Spotted some lovely daisy flowers growing in the garden and knew their pure white petals would be a perfect match for Dollfie Dream Atsuko clad in a white dress, so picked out a few of the pristine looking daisies to snap some photos of Atsuko with them.

The common daisy or bellis perennis may be a rather plain little flower, but it suits Atsuko’s pure and sweet look just right.


Bought it quite some time ago, took a chance with this white perforated lace dress from Nine9Style considering had not tried such girly fashion style for my Dollfie Dream before. Am very pleased with it though as it looks lovely, especially on Atsuko.


Did omit the white headband while using the daisy flower as an improvised hair ornament in above photos as I not only wanted it to properly contrast with Atsuko’s dark colored wig, but also wanted it to be the main focus point.


Lighting used for these photos is natural light of the early evening sun coming in through a plain glass window on the side. Using a wide aperture to get plenty of bokeh also created a nice effect with the evening light cast on the wooden paneling in the background.


You can see more Dollfie Dream photography on my Flickr photostream.

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