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Casual Yoko

June 13, 2014

Been a while since uploaded new photos of Dollfie Dream Yoko, so here’s some of the most recent captures made of her.

Do adore Yoko, especially considering she is my first Dollfie Dream, but often lament that the DDDy body type is rather challenging to find fitting outfits for in a style that fits my Yoko.

Casual Yoko

Took a gamble on a red checkered skirt from Dollmore in their Model Doll Woman size for Yoko’s DDDy body and it was a perfect fit. With little to no other skirts fitting her well, it made sense to try another Dollmore one so acquired their denim blue Lesly Pleat Skirt.

Including the denim skirt, the outfit is a combination of different items with a peasant top from Puppy52Dolls Fashion, the blue jacket from Volks’ Sailor Tulle Skirt set and a brown woven leather belt from Cool Cat.

Casual Yoko

Shot these photos on separate days, hence the first two photos feature softer indirect lighting while the last two images were made using the direct light from the evening sun coming in through the window blinds resulting in a starker contrast of light and shadow.

Casual Yoko

With Ayuko’s DDII body having increased neck mobility thanks to the Peach Pai and a Cool Cat aluminum neck joint, the other Dollfie Dream in my collection being DDS or DDIII models with Volks’ own improved neck joints, plan to purchase another Cool Cat aluminum neck joint to upgrade Yoko with as her neck mobility leaves to be desired, limiting poses too much.

Casual Yoko

You can see more of my photography on Flickr.

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