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Back on the battlefield!

June 20, 2014

But this time in Battlefield 4 on the Playstation 4! Had not purchased the new Battlefield game and Sony’s new console during the initial release late last year, but I did not regret postponing my purchase considering the negative reviews and comments from so many players regarding the bugs and netcode issues with this latest installment of the franchise.

Admittedly, Battlefield 3 originally had its own share of issues and bugs too, in fact a few of those remain in the game to this very day, however nothing so aggravating that one would consider to stop playing the game altogether.

Illustration by Fuyuno Haruaki (Pixiv).

Illustration by Fuyuno Haruaki (Pixiv).

With the latest patch from developer Dice promising to improve the netcode issues and positive reviews from most players on these changes, finally caved in today and purchased the Playstation 4 console along with Battlefield 4 and its Premium option.

After installation, quickly brushed up my profile on Battlelog and also took advantage of the custom emblem option in Battlefield 4 since it offers plenty of anime styled emblems. When I spotted this emblem of Umi’s priceless expression in the school trip episode from “Love Live!”, could not resist to pick that one.

Illustration by Matsuryuu (Pixiv).

Illustration by Matsuryuu (Pixiv).

With the new Dualshock 4 controller for the Playstation 4, several key buttons for Battlefield 4 have been remapped compared to the default Battlefield 3 buttons for the Dualshock 3 on Playstation 3.

After over two years of playing only Battlefield 3, its mappings had become muscle memory so it will take me some time to train myself in using these new default mappings, especially with the aim and fire buttons having moved.

Luckily the Dualshock 4 controller feels more ergonomic and has been very comfortable to play with.

Illustration by れこ太 (Pixiv).

Illustration by れこ太 (Pixiv).

Now the challenge is not only to climb the ranks, unlock all the necessary weapons, accessories, skills and other equipment but most of all to learn, improve and once more grow into a good player that’s an asset to the entire team.

You can see and follow my Battlefield 4 profile here on Battlelog.

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