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Non Non Biyori OAD

August 1, 2014

Really loved the first season of “Non Non Biyori”, so am anxiously waiting for the second season of this lovely slice-of-life anime to air. Luckily, the seventh volume of the “のんのんびより” manga which was released just last month, came with an original anime DVD episode.

Studio Silver Link who created the first season of “Non Non Biyori” also produced this OAD, along with it using the same opening and ending themes and all voice talents reprising their roles, there is no difference in style or quality with the first season. Its story of the entire gang going on a trip to Okinawa after winning tickets in a raffle easily follows on the events of the first season too.


Even though the OAD is a bit shorter than the usual episode running time, it nonetheless felt like it was filled to the brim and the various scenes showcasing the girls getting ready for their trip seamlessly flowed into each other and perfectly captured the leisurely slice-of-life atmosphere typical for this series.

Adored this OAD episode, it was great to see all the characters back again up to their usual antics and it really makes me look forward to the second season.


Next to having lots of cute and endearing characters, “Non Non Biyori” is a lovely show to watch for its leisurely slice-of-life pace and enchanting backgrounds of the Japanese countryside.

So, if you like the slice-of-life genre and enjoyed series such as “Tamayura”, “Yama no Susume”, “A-Channel” or “Aria”, then you definitely should watch “Non Non Biyori”.

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