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Working!! third season announced

August 13, 2014

Read some excellent news, at the recently held “Working!!” and “Servant x Service” summer festa crossover event it was revealed that production for a third season of “Working!!”, the anime adaptation of the four panel style manga by Karino Takatsu, has been green-lit!

Adored both seasons of the “Working!!” anime, it is an outstanding slice-of-life styled comedy about a group of quirky characters and their daily life working together at a family restaurant.


With its mix of oddball characters ending up in crazy situations, each episode of “Working!!” is full of laughs. Cannot deny though that the comedy highlight of this show for me are the trap shenanigans with the irresistibly cute Kotori-chan!

Can’t wait for this third season and hope that it will come soon in 2015. If we could get a second season of “Servant x Service” in the near future as well, that would be lovely!

Suppose though that a Kotori-chan spin-off anime will forever be a delusional fantasy?

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