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Tony Taka C86 doujin ‘Tony’s 改造 note’

August 29, 2014

For C86, Tony Taka published ‘Tony’s 改造 note’, which unlike the Kantai Collection inspired doujin ‘Tonikore’ from C85 is not a typical T2 Art Works doujin release split between full page illustrations and a black & white hentai story.

This new book is similar to ‘Recollect’ and ‘Recollect2’ since it features all full page color illustration and only a few pages showcasing rougher, unfinished artworks. At 44 pages only, the book is alas twenty pages thinner than ‘Recollect1’ and ‘Recollect2’.


Must emphasize though that ‘Tony’s 改造 note’ features mostly alternate versions of illustrations that were already published in other books or previously appeared elsewhere, but return here, reworked into what is usually a more ecchi version.

Whether that would make this book a worthy purchase, is up to everyone to decide for themselves. Important to mention is that next to shifted or absent clothing, the characters in these alternate versions also feature a different facial expression.


Most of the artworks in this book are actually quite explicit, so it was challenging to pick examples to showcase here, but the above two are easily my favorite illustrations from this release considering they are very erotic without being overly explicit.

If you are interested in acquiring ‘Tony’s 改造 note’, it is available at Toranoana.

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