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Random snapshots of Kyouko

September 19, 2014

Having shifted most focus on playing Battlefield 4 these past months, it had been far too long since I picked up the camera to snap some photos of my Dollfie Dream dolls. The rather mediocre weather with plenty of overcast or rainy days during summer did not help either.

However, when I saw the perfect light cast by the setting sun a few evenings ago, could not resist and made a few quick captures of DD Kyouko before the sunlight faded away behind the horizon.


Wanted a more casual style for Kyouko so clad her in a mix ‘n’ match of different items, with blue jeans and a sleeveless shirt from Dollmore while the hat, necklace and undershirt came from Nine9Style.


The white undershirt is actually an MSD sized item from Nine9Style’s collection of male doll attire, took a chance on acquiring a few plain shirts in MSD size and they turned out perfect to get a tighter, more form-fitting look on an S or M bust sized DD, compared to most SD sized shirts which can often look rather loose on a DD.

You can see more Dollfie Dream photography on Flickr.

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