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Ghost in the Shell Arise – Border 4: Ghost Stands Alone

September 22, 2014

The final “Ghost in the Shell Arise” OVA titled “Border 4: Ghost Stands Alone” was recently released. This fourth episode sees the resolution of the previously mentioned ‘Fire Starter’ virus plot and also shows us how Motoko and her elite team who were working for but still operating independently from Public Security Section 9 now join under Aramaki.

While we do get some brief references to Togusa’s family life as well as hints of Motoko and Batou’s key characteristics as depicted in the “Ghost in the Shell” movies and series, overall this finale seemed to focus the most on tying all loose ends from the previous episodes.


Do feel that the philosophical element of the core plot which revolved around people who struggle with being cybernized casting away their very self and essence onto the net, was somewhat lost due to the fast pace and various political scheming sub-plots.

Of course, it is typical for “Ghost in the Shell” to feature plenty of action, political intrigue, espionage as well as questions about what it is to be human offset against having become fully cybernetic.

While I still do think that Production IG did not achieve the level of animation style with “Ghost in the Shell Arise” compared to the animation seen in previous “Ghost in the Shell” releases, overall this OVA series is a must see for every fan.

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