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Dollfie Dream meeting with friends

October 8, 2014

Had a great time last year at a small Dollfie Dream themed meeting with the comrades from Shadonia, hence was glad we decided to hold such a gathering again this year.

Met up with fellow Dollfie Dream owners the last weekend of September, it was great to see these friends again and be able to chat with them about our respective dolls and doll photography.

Kaede, Mirai and Ayuko

Above photo of Jaybi’s Kaede, Shadonia’s Mirai and my Ayuko.

During their trip to Japan this past summer, the comrades from Shadonia gave in to temptation and acquired a Mirai Suenaga Smart Doll by Danny Choo.

Have been interested in Smart Doll, specifically how its body would compare to Dollfie Dream as Danny Choo seems to have addressed several issues that Volks bodies typically have. However, have not taken the plunge to purchase one as have plenty of dolls already.


Shadonia’s new incarnation of their mascot Sana is simply adorable! A lovely customized Volks DDH06 head they bought during the summer I Doll event in Tokyo.

This year, brought Ayuko and Akiko along to display. We had good weather that day but could only use a few moments of sunshine to snap some photos outside on the balcony, therefore I did not take many photos overall.

Kaede, Mirai and Ayuko

Another shot of Jaybi’s Kaede, Shadonia’s Mirai and Ayuko. Impressed by the impeccable styling of Kaede’s wig by JayBi.

You can see more Dollfie Dream photos on Flickr.

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