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Girlfriend (Kari)

October 27, 2014

Also known as “Girl Friend Beta”, this new autumn series is adapted from the “ガールフレンド(仮)” Japanese smartphone romance dating simulator. However, unlike the game, the anime is a slice-of-life genre series that showcases its sizable cast of cute girls and their leisurely daily lives.

Considering its origin, was unsure at first if the anime might feature a male protagonist, so was pleasantly surprised to discover it really is all about the girls and their friendships.

“Girlfriend (Kari)” feels like watching a typical slice-of-life anime not unlike “Aiura”, “A Channel”, “Kiniro Mosaic” or Yuyushiki!”, even though it does have less comedic banter or slapstick humor. Considering I personally am fond of that type of anime and do adore the series mentioned above, have thoroughly enjoyed “Girlfriend (Kari)” so far.


Studio Silver Link has adapted the original character designs by QP:flapper well, all the girls are rendered very cute, though some do sport hairstyles that do not seem to work as well in animated form. Have noticed that some scenes could do with more polished animation overall, personally expected more from Silver Link considering their previous work.

Another real treat “Girlfriend (Kari)” offers thanks to its large cast are the many voice talents working on the show, for example Satou Satomi, Kayano Ai, Toyosaki Aki, Kitamura Eri,… and more.

Really adore this show, it will no doubt become one of my favorites of the season. You can watch “Girlfriend (Kari)” on Crunchyroll.

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