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Akiko & Shizuko

October 31, 2014

Wanted to share a few photos of Akiko & Shizuko, two of my Dollfie Dream that have been on display posed together on a single doll stand for most of this year, which resulted in me usually photographing them together too.

During those October evenings when the setting sun was shining brightly in a cloudless sky, took advantage of that great lighting and some free time to photograph Akiko & Shizuko in their summer outfits.

Akiko and Shizuko

Considering the stark contrast between the bright rays of sunshine and deep shadows it cast, employed a small circular reflector in some shots to lighten up the doll’s faces for enhanced clarity and a more pleasing aesthetic.
The end results really varied though, some photos looked better with the added highlights from the reflector while some looked better without.


Also made a few captures of Shizuko by herself, while photographing her posed with Akiko, felt inspired to try similar poses and angles with the focus on her alone.

Their outfits are a mix of items from various stores, the halter tops are by Cool Cat while the jeans were acquired from Nine9Style.

Akiko and Shizuko

As usual, post processed the original raw captures in Adobe Lightroom, for this particular batch often increased the shadows more than usual and in the top two shots, added gradients to make the sides darker.

You can see more photos of my Dollfie Dream on Flickr.

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