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Dollfie Dream outfits, eyes by Tortei (Kari) and Hisyo-Hisyo

November 7, 2014

Various parcels from different Dollfie Dream related purchases arrived this past week, leading to below loot.

Looking at Akiko and Ayuko’s gorgeous Hisyo-Hisyo eyes, increasingly felt the urge to upgrade Kyouko’s eyes, as well as replace Tsukiko and Yoko’s original Volks eyes with more appealing ones.

Luckily, was fortunate enough to be able to purchase new eyes from Hisyo-Hisyo and from Tortei (Kari) too! Am grateful was able to acquire these, both their products are some of the finest high quality eyes currently available for Dollfie Dream.
Now am left to ponder which eyes to install in which doll…


When the seamstress from Puppy52Dolls Fashion advertised camo pattern bikini and cute tops made from the same fabric as the peasant top previously bought from her, simply couldn’t let the chance pass by and ordered a set. Can’t wait for summer to try these on my DD.

Also bought a few outfits from Volks on Yahoo! Japan Auction, did take care to only bid on those auctions where the price was not too inflated. Considering the markup on most outfits on auction is quite steep, tried out DollfieWorld and purchased two Volks outfits from them since there was no proxy commission or additional fees to add compared to purchases from YJA.

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