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November 17, 2014

Previously showcased some photos of Ayuko in a summer dress, however now that winter is approaching, it is time to display her in more fitting attire for the cold season.

Recently acquired the ‘Sparkling White Down Jacket’ set from Volks their Tenshi no Koromo clothing line for Dollfie Dream which turned out to be a perfect match for Ayuko. Its white, pink and gray hues fit her eye and wig color perfectly, was also able to find sufficiently matching thigh socks and boots.


Originally passed up on purchasing this outfit when Volks first released it as back then I was not sure it was really fit for my DD. However, considering the increase of dolls in my collection since and the evolution of their individual styles, bought the set on a whim from comrades when they recently offered it for sale.


Next to the perfect color and style match for Ayuko, the camisole from the set is excellent to emphasize the Peach Pai bust piece. The necklace is an accessory recently picked up from DollfieWorld which adds a cute touch.

You can view more Dollfie Dream photography on my Flickr photostream.

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