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Sora no Method

November 19, 2014

An anime original series by Studio 3Hz, was keen on watching “天体のメソッド” as its promotional video looked very promising and the show was extensively advertised before the autumn anime season started.

Had hoped that “Sora no Method” would be a heart-warming slice-of-life series with plenty of touching moments, all set in an idyllic Japanese rural town, not unlike “Tamayura”.

However, right from the start “Sora no Method” has been darker and more dramatic than expected , in fact its overall atmosphere reminds me more of teen drama stories like those studio PA Works typically creates including “Nagi no Asukara” or “Glasslip”.


Am not too sure will be able to keep up with “Sora no Method” if most episodes have a more brooding, disheartening atmosphere due to the main characters their original friendships and lives all being shattered or strained in some way.

Am determined to keep on watching for now as am confident the series will end on a happy note. And the animation by Studio 3Hz is exquisite, not only the characters are well rendered, but the landscapes and various locations are especially gorgeous.

You can watch “Sora no Method” on Crunchyroll.

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