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New look for Dollfie Dream Tsukiko

December 19, 2014

While Tsukiko’s previous appearance was rather close to the default Saber Alter v2 look, recently made more significant changes to her appearance.

The idea for Tsukiko’s new look first spawned several months ago after spotting an event at LeekeWorld where they offered several colors for sale only during that event. Took the opportunity to acquire a wig in their gorgeous ‘Dark Champagne’ limited color.


However, after the wig arrived, was unsure which of my Dollfie Dream it would actually suit and was rather disappointed after trying it on Tsukiko as it did not suit her well. Nonetheless, was still convinced this wig color could fit a Saber Alter white skin body, so started looking at different eye sets.

Was able to acquire several sets of eyes from Hisyo-Hisyo and Tortei (Kari) and chose to replace Tsukiko’s original Saber Alter eyes from Volks for a new pair from Hisyo-Hisyo with a vibrant yellow hue and more pronounced pupil design.


These particular photos are also the first captures made with the Sony A7, there is definitely a learning curve in switching to a full frame sensor and a new camera with a vastly different control set than the Canon 450D I’ve used for so many years.


Was actually disappointed after importing the first raw captures in Adobe Lightroom as the color palette was not very appealing at all compared to the raw captures was used to from Canon.
Luckily was swiftly able to solve that by following this guide to create a custom preset to be applied when importing raw files in Adobe Lightroom to correctly match the profile selected in the Sony A7.


Pondered what outfits might be a good match for Tsukiko’s new look considering black does not seem to suit her as well anymore, opted to clad her in the ‘Sailor Uniform Set (Navy)’ from the Tenshi no Koromo line from Volks.

You can see more of my photography on Flickr.

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