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Yurikuma Arashi

January 5, 2015

Being a fan of the yuri genre, could not resist to try “Yurikuma Arashi”, one of the first new winter anime to air. Originally had not planned to pick up this series as the story synopsis and promotional video suggested it might not be the type of yuri show I tend to enjoy.

Unfortunately this initial hunch proved to be right. While this anime by studio Silver Link definitely has merits, taking place in a rather intriguing setting and seemingly hiding deeper meaning underneath various metaphors, “Yurikuma Arashi” is not a show for me.


Throughout the entire first episode, felt too alienated by the story, its characters and the events that unfolded onscreen, and struggled to make sense of it all, which detracted much of any enjoyment could have had while watching.

There are anime who excel thanks to being alternative, innovating or making daring choices, but in this case it causes “Yurikuma Arashi” to not suit my personal taste. Hence, decided will not keep on watching this show, although it may still appeal to those of you who are fans of yuri anime.

Guess that my taste in yuri genre stories is limited to more benign mainstream franchises like “Maria-sama ga Miteru”, “Candy☆Boy”, “Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san” or “Strawberry Panic”.

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