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Kantoku C87 doujin ‘Colors′

January 14, 2015

This past winter Comiket one of my favorite artists, Kantoku from the “Afterschool of the 5th Year” circle, released a new doujin book titled ‘Colors’.

A departure from Kantoku’s more typical publications like the ‘Tachiyoumi Senyou’ or ‘Check’ series, the content in ‘Colors’ leans more towards that seen in a full fledged illustration book, although it still has the same size and page count as their regular doujin releases.


My personal favorite image from this book is the above one of Shizuku and Kurumi, a terrific artwork showcasing not only Kantoku’s skill but penchant for check patterns too.

Instead of featuring single page portrait oriented illustrations of various characters from recent anime series, ‘Colors’ contains large landscape oriented artworks of Kantoku’s original ‘check’ girl characters with most emphasis on the color theme.


A nice touch is that each large color illustration is accompanied by a smaller black & white line rendering of that same artwork with some comments by the artists, also detailing the image’s color theme.

Quite striking in most illustrations is the lovely background as well as expert rendering of light and shadows.


Although ‘Colors’ of course has plenty of images featuring Kurumi and Shizuku, there are also lots of illustrations showcasing Kantoku’s other original check girls Hiromi, Kei, Nagisa and Kanna too.


Those of you interested in acquiring Kantoku’s ‘Colors′ doujin can purchase it at Toranoana.

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