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Keyhole turtleneck from Purple Dream

February 5, 2015

Received two small parcels this week with some new clothing items for my Dollfie Dream.

When the keyhole turtleneck meme (also known in Japanese as 胸開きタートルネック) was in full swing, saw photos online of some Dollfie Dream owners who had clad their dolls in such turtleneck one-piece dresses, showcasing the sexy potential of this open chested turtleneck.


Thanks to the aid of a Dollfie Dream comrade on Twitter, was lead to Purple Dream, a Korean doll fashion online shop. Decided to jump on the keyhole turtleneck bandwagon and ordered a white and a black version which should look great on a DDDy sized or Peach Pai equipped doll.

Another parcel that arrived contained two t-shirts from TTYA with a print featuring a classic Volkswagen split-window bus as well as DDDy sized blue jeans from AS, items aquired through a Dollfie Dream comrade.

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