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Dollfie Dream photo books from Suzuhico and Azure Toy-Box

February 13, 2015

A few months ago saw a tweet from Japanese Dollfie Dream owner and photographer すずひこ about several goods they would offer for sale at an upcoming event in Japan, including a lovely looking knit poncho.

Contacted すずひこさん who was kind enough to be willing to make and sell me such a knit poncho if I would be able to wait until after the new year.


Although faced some challenges along the way, received the parcel last week with the knit poncho, but also got すずひこ‘s lovely “Dollscape -First Set-” and “Mint Condition Archives” books, as well as Azure Toy-Box‘s “Four seasons” and “Fragments of the sky” photobooks which all contain amazing Dollfie Dream themed photography.

Have always admired Azure Toy-Box and すずひこ their Dollfie Dream and landscape photography which is nothing less than awe-inspiring, so am thrilled to be able to see their photo art on paper instead of through a computer screen only, which is still a unique feeling.

You can see more of すずひこ’s photography here on Flickr or watch more of Azure Toy-Box’s work on their Flickr photostream.

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