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Tony’s Fairy Garden Annabel arrives

March 20, 2015

After getting the absolutely gorgeous Tony’s Heroine Collection “Peace Keeper” Daisy figure by Kotobukiya last year, did not hesitate to pre-order the Tony’s Heroine Collection “Fairy Garden” Annabel figure when Kotobukiya launched it for their 4-Leaves product line last September.

Although there was a slight delay with their delivery of Daisy and the inevitable customs fine that accompanies EMS shipping, opted to order Annabel from KotoEU again, Kotobukiya’s online store for direct online sales to European customers.


Got to collect the parcel with Annabel from the post office today and can’t wait to display her alongside Daisy as Annabel is every bit the outstanding figure creation that Daisy is. Considering her rather sizable 1/6 scale, along with an impeccable detailing and finish, Kotobukiya delivers an excellent figure for a competitive price tag.

With the success of both Daisy and Annabel, there’s little doubt in my mind that Kotobukiya will also adapt artist Tony Taka’s latest similar creation in his series of scantily clad butterfly winged maidens.

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