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Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow 2: Aegan Umi no Megami

March 23, 2015

Thoroughly enjoyed the first episode of the “Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow” OAV that came out last year, hence was anxious to watch the second episode “Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow 2: Aegan Umi no Megami”.

Recently released on BluRay, this second episode focuses on Francesca and Charlotte as the pair liberate a small island in the Mediterranean from a tenacious Neuroi foe, with the aid of Hanna-Justina and Raisa, two witches from Karlsand’s Africa corps.


With the OAV’s first episode all about Minna, Gertrude and Erica, this second episode featuring Francesca and Charlotte, and the third episode focusing on Lynette and Perrine, actually do wonder if this three part OAV will have any significant screen-time for Eila or Sanya.

Studio Silver Link once more created a good OAV episode, but must admit was not that impressed with its animation quality compared to the previous volume. Besides the usual Strike Witches’ shenanigans, the highlight of this episode was undoubtedly Francesca’s family background along with her strong bond with Charlotte.

On to the third volume!

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  1. UrielMatt permalink
    March 23, 2015 8:04 pm

    Lucchini’s home is in Catania.

    I’ll leave it there…

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