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Aria The Avvenire PV launched

April 6, 2015

Could hardly believe it when a new “Aria” anime project was announced earlier in February, but besides a key visual not much else had been shown then in terms of promotion material for this new “Aria the Avvenire” series.

A first promotional video has recently been launched, giving us a first look at “Aria the Avvenire” and it is an absolute treat!

While this first PV is only thirty seconds long, fans of the Aria franchise will instantly feel at home thanks to the enchanting scenery, soothing music and seeing our favorite undine again. It really does feel like the familiar, typical Aria episode but in a crisp, new version.


Am quite curious what stories will be featured in the four part “Aria the Avvenire” series, or rather what generation this new Aria anime will be about considering that the promotional video shows us Alicia, Akira, Aika, Athena and Alice from the main time frame, but it also features Akari as a prima undine with Ai as her apprentice as seen in the original story’s finale.

Perhaps “Aria the Avvenire” will feature all generations in separate stories or using flashbacks? Whichever it may be, I can’t wait for the first episode to come!

You can watch the first “Aria the Avvenire” PV here on Youtube.

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  1. Fabrice permalink
    April 8, 2015 5:02 pm

    This is Literally the best day since that preview came out, Im so looking forward to it the animation is great, everything is great. CANT WAIT!!!!

  2. April 8, 2015 8:56 pm

    Aria is ♥

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