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Triage X

April 10, 2015

Admittedly, the “Highschool of the Dead” manga and anime are not without faults, but if one looks past the zombie genre’s typical tropes and the abundance of ecchi fanservice featuring its shapely female cast, at the core it is a solid zombie apocalypse story with interesting character elements buried under the surface.

Considering the “トリアージ X ” manga is by Shouji Satou who also illustrated “Highschool of the Dead”, decided to give the “Triage X” anime a try, thinking it might be as entertaining as “Highschool of the Dead”.


However, felt sorely disappointed by the first episode of “Triage X”. While I shall not comment on the original manga, must state that the anime adaptation is simply awful.

From poorly paced and incredulous action scenes, awkward or even downright unbelievably stupid dialogue to the overdone fanservice of flaunting the overly large bosoms of its female cast in ecchi or other scenes lacking any appeal, this anime is simply not worth your time.

Cannot recommend this anime to anyone, not even to those of you who are looking for a show with mindless action or plenty of fanservice as there are much better alternatives available to satisfy a craving for action or ecchi scenes.

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