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April 20, 2015

Had not intended to pick up “Etotama” but decided to give its first episode a try based on some positive comments about the show online.

The plot centers around Takeru, a simple student who gets dragged into the world of ‘eto musume’, girls who embody signs in Chinese astrology and the hopeless struggle of Nyaa-tan who wants to ascend to the Chinese zodiac even though she’s just the cat astral sign.

Unfortunately, “Etotama” failed to impress or sufficiently appeal to me. In fact, rather struggled to watch through the first episode, hence I decided not to continue watching the rest of this series.


While the overall production values of “Etotama” are not that bad and scenes using classic animation alternate with full cgi scenes in a rather clever but gimmicky way, the show simply could not convince me to keep watching it.

From the characters, the story setting, to the various jokes and comedy situations, everything felt too much like they had simply assembled already overused typical anime elements in the hopes of creating a show that would sufficiently appeal to fans.

For those of you that might still be interested in this comedy, you can always watch “Etotama” on Crunchyroll.

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