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April 24, 2015

This spring anime season is definitely one full of sequels. After a first anime adaptation aired last year, the harem comedy manga “ニセコイ” created by Naoshi Komi now receives a second anime season with “Nisekoi:”.

Am not especially an avid reader of the original manga, but do occasionally pick it up and indulge in some chapters of this typical harem comedy, which although it offers nothing particularly original or exciting, does entertain with plenty of comedy and harem shenanigans.

Seasoned anime veterans may question what such source material could hope to offer viewers in anime form that would make the it worthwhile to watch amidst a legion of similar comedy harem series.


Admittedly, the “Nisekoi” anime does not especially excel, but like the manga it takes a classic recipe and transforms into an entertaining and pleasant viewing experience that becomes even more worthwhile thanks to studio Shaft’s signature work.

The studio once again lifts this dime in a dozen harem comedy up to an above average level. What I especially appreciate is their feat of rendering main female lead Chitoge irresistibly cute, much more so than in the original manga where she is often eclipsed by the other girls like Kosaki.
Must confess that am still more fond of Kosaki though, am quite looking forward to see her younger sister Haru appear as she too is just too adorable.

If you’re looking for a typical harem comedy that will not disappoint but is guaranteed to entertain, then do give this show a try. You can watch “Nisekoi” on Crunchyroll.

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