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ハロー!! ユリいろモザイク

April 27, 2015

「ハロー!! きんいろモザイク」じゃない。「ハロー!! ユリいろモザイク」ですよ!私は烏丸先生と久世橋先生の愛をサポートします。

This week’s “Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic” was such a treat! As if Akari’s cute reactions weren’t lovely enough, that yuri subtext between her and Sakura was like opening Pandora’s box.


Although “Kiniro Mosaic” does have a shoujo-ai tinted subplot with Aya’s infatuation for Yoko, and you could also imagine there are plenty of yuri undertones into Shinobu and Alice’s friendship, must admit that for me “Kiniro Mosaic” is first and foremost a heartwarming slice-of-life series which I do not really watch with yuri-tinted glasses.

Even though my penchant for yuri often has me imagine such subtext where there is none, or has me hook, line and sinker following a suggestive yuri scene the studio threw in to ensnare more viewers, have always read more yuri subtext in shows like “Non Non Biyori” or “Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?” than “Kiniro Mosaic”.

Nonetheless, delusional fantasies about Akari & Sakura are too good to not indulge in. Let’s hope the coming episodes gift us plenty of similar scenes.

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