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ハロー!! 運命の出会いモザイク

May 11, 2015

そうさ。今週の「ハロー!! きんいろモザイク」もユリ乙女の時間です。

“Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic” strikes again! After having introduced Akari Kuzehashi as a new character this season and treating viewers who are yuri aficionados to plenty of scenes between her and Sakura that contain a shoujo-ai subtext, they continue the trend by establishing a fateful encounter between the two during their school years.


This second season has been spending several episodes on fleshing out the various supporting characters and personally feel they’re doing a great job with their portrayal of Sakura and Akari.

Granted, I am likely watching it with yuri-tinted glasses which may exaggerate any hints of actual yuri subtext into more than what is actually intended by the studio. Do like that even though time is spent on these side characters, those scenes and resulting comedy is always triggered by the main five girls their interaction with Sakura and Akari.

Wonder if we can get a full blown spin off about Akari & Sakura? Wishful thinking no doubt…

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