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Introducing Sachiko

May 15, 2015

Celebrating the 15th anniversary of their Dollfie label dolls, Volks marked 2014 as the Dollfie Memorial Year during which it organized several themed, including the “Dollfie The Best Selection!” special project.

Volks offered fans an opportunity to vote for their favorite Dollfie Dream character dolls, which might then be released again. The two most popular Dolfie Dream that received the most votes were DDDy Sasara Kusugawa from “ToHeart 2” and DDS Melty from “Shining Hearts”.


Many entered the lottey to aquire Sasara following this new release, including several of my fellow Dollfie Dream comrades. Was lucky enough one such comrade decided to part with his Sasara right away due to other Dollfie Dream commitments and offered me the opportunity to purchase her.

Took reception of Sasara a shortly after her release and decided to name her 幸子 (or Sachiko).
Although there are customized versions of Sasara that look excellent with dark colored wigs and other eyes, decided would not alter her original look much but keep the default eyes installed for now and pick up another blonde wig.


The default wig Volks offers with Sasara was of disappointing low quality. Had a similar experience with the wig Volks included with Saber Alter 2nd version so I swiftly purchased new wigs to style Sachiko with.

Shopped at Leekeworld and grabbed their LR099 and W031 models in color EveCream. After trying the W031 model which actually resembles the default wig styling somewhat, just wasn’t satisfied with the result, so instead switched to the LR099 model as seen in these photos.


Starting off with a simple look, Sachiko is clad in a knitted zipper top from CoolCat and a skirt from Dollmore. While the DDDy shapely bust piece looks very nice in outfits with such a cleavage style, actually have plans to try Rajikaru’s Peach Pai on her Volks DDDy3 body.

You can see more of my Dollfie Dream photography on Flickr.

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