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Aria The Avvenire new characters revealed

June 5, 2015

Saw a post at Crunchyroll and a tweet from the @ARIATheAVVENIRE official Twitter with exciting news about “Aria the Avvenire”.

The biggest surprise is no doubt that two all new characters have been revealed!
Joining Ai as apprentice undine are Azusa B McLaren at Himeya and Anya Dostoyevskaya at Orange Planet.

Although definitely surprising, the revelation of new characters should not be entirely unexpected, considering the earlier promotional video suggested that “Aria the Avvenire”, or at the very least part of its story, would take place in the time-line when Akari, Alice and Aika are prima undine and in the manga’s ending, only Akari was shown with an apprentice.


Taking into account one of the manga’s themes is that of growth, the passing of time and the joy of gifting someone younger with the same wonderful experiences you had the privilege to experience before, it makes sense that Akari, Alice and Aika would each have their own apprentice, who like their teachers before them, are good friends.

Originally advertised as a four part series, the official Aria website has revealed that the “Aria the Avvenire” movie that will be shown at select theaters in Japan in September will consist of three stories. Two are based on existing chapters of the original “Aria” manga that had not been adapted yet in anime form, as well as a new story written by Kozue Amano especially for this project.

Perhaps a detail to some, but was quite glad to read that Kozue Amano, the original author, has designed the new characters Azusa and Anya, and that she also wrote the new story chapter. Hope she will write more chapters and that we will get more “Aria the Avvenire”.

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