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Show by Rock!!

June 8, 2015

Adapted from the mobile phone rhythm game “ショウバイロック!!”, had originally omitted the fantasy comedy “Show by Rock!!” by studio Bones from my weekly anime watch list, even though its main cast has plenty of cute kemonomimi girls and its plot synopsis sounded like it might be a mix between “K-ON!!”, “the IDOLM@STER” and “Sword Art Online”.

Considering several fellow anime viewing comrades were enthusiastic about “Show by Rock!!”, decided to give the first episode a try anyway. While it has some appealing elements, such as the various irresistibly cute kemonomimi girls in its cast like Cyan and Retoree, overall it did sufficiently appeal to me to keep on watching.


No doubt my decision to not pick up “Show by Rock!!” was influenced by its musical battles being cgi animated and featuring chibi versions of the characters, whereas the rest of the animation is the traditional type, much like in this season’s “Etotama”.

Although must say that “Show by Rock!!” did not really disappoint me like “Etotama” did, so I still might watch this series someday later after it has finished airing considering was rather keen on all the cute expressions and funny faces catgirl Cyan pulled off in that first episode, as well as the hint of yuri shenanigans with Retoree being smitten on Cyan.

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