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June 19, 2015

Here’s some photos taken two weeks ago of Dollfie Dream Akiko, made these captures early in the evening so the bright rays of the sun created a nice play of light and shadow as it sat low in the sky.
Still wanted to avoid the contrast of light and shadow looking too harsh on Akiko’s face, hence used a small golden reflector to enhance the overall light on her a bit.

To simplify preparations and make use of the Peach Pai M bust equipped DDS body, did a simple swap of Kyouko’s head with Akiko’s and switched out the previous outfit for a simple top from Volks and shorts by Puppy52Dolls Fashion.


Even though I am pleased with the impressive performance of the Sony A7 camera, do feel it captures subjects in such lighting conditions very differently from my Canon 450D, prompting me to rework the raw captures in Adobe Lightroom.
However, shouldn’t forget I needed to do plenty of post-processing on photos made with the Canon 450D too. Still, want to improve more and become better in my usage of the full frame Sony A7.


Next time, will have photos of Dollfie Dream Shizuko and Sachiko to share.

You can find more photography on my Flickr photostream.

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