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June 22, 2015

Inspired by the beautiful photos made by excellent Dollfie Dream photographers like Azure Toy-Box or cnvl of their dolls in or near water, wanted to do some experimenting myself to capture Dollfie Dream with a wet look.

Considering have not secured an outdoor location with a suitable clear stream to snap such photos at, opted instead to start small in a more controlled environment, hence made these photos of Shizuko at home.


Chose Shizuko as a subject because I thought her facial sculpt and wig styling would suit the theme of a girl completely soaked from the rain rather well.

Applied water using a spray bottle with a small nozzle to get tiny droplets which looks more realistic compared to bigger water drops. Used bottled mineral water instead of plain tap water to try and prevent as much as possible that there would be chemicals or pollutants coming in contact with the vinyl surface or Shizuko’s face-up.


Lighting is indirect daylight from a front facing window and top skylight, enhanced by a silver reflector screen.

The background used is a gray rubber checker plate which not only suited the overall color palette I hoped to capture but was very convenient as it kept everything else from getting wet. Though did not use much water at all, less than 100ml total in fact.


To achieve a more natural effect with the wet clothing, made use of the same DDS body equipped with a Peach Pai M bust piece that I also used for Kyouko and Akiko, did a simple head and outfit swap.

Had some additional work afterwards though to dry and inspect all the body pieces, did not want to risk leaving moisture inside near the joints or the few nuts and bolts.


You can see more Dollfie Dream photography on Flickr.

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