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Blue eyes~

June 26, 2015

Wanted to share the latest photos made of Dollfie Dream Sachiko to showcase her DDDy body equipped with Peach Pai from ラジカル instead of the default shapely bust part from Volks.

Although those Peach Pai aftermarket silicone parts seem to be more fragile than anticipated and require regular care, am nonetheless quite impressed with the look of the M Plus set which have used on several DD.


Considering the appeal of the shapely bust part from Volks is limited to specific outfit types, decided to acquire a DDDy sized Peach Pai from Rajikaru for Sachiko, even though was hesitant at first due to its overall size.

What better outfit to display Peach Pai in than a keyhole turtleneck one-piece from Purple Dream which showcase the chest area? Besides the turtleneck dress, the semi garter belt and stockings were also purchased at Purple Dream who recently added an English language webpage, facilitating international online purchases.


Processed the raw files of these captures in Adobe Lightroom using a preset filter to create the specific color atmosphere and warm tint effect seen in these photos.
Using the adjustment brush tool highlighted Sachiko’s eyes so they would be a vibrant and bright blue, which makes them really stand out and contrasts nicely against the overall color palette of these images.


Although the photos displayed here were actually made on separate days, took advantage of the clear sunny weather which made for evenings where the last rays of light from the setting sun poured through the window blinds to create nice lighting.

You can see more of my photography on Flickr.

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